Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandals

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal Review

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal Review: Yucatan is a sub-brand of ECCO and this brand is famous for its outstanding range of sandals that are usually made for almost all types of outdoor activities. Though it manufactures sandals for men and women both, its sandals for women are widely popular. Yucatan outdoor off-road hiking sandal is specially for women though it has men’s version too. Go through this review if you are not aware of the excellent features of this sandal.

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal Review

Before telling the pros and cons of this sandal, we need to have a look at the features offering by this sandal.


This is the unique special point of this pair. Soft nuckbuck at the top part and neoprene lining are the underlying part of its superb comfortable fit. 3 point adjustability provides extra support while walking and safety too.

#PU Midsole: We have found another reason behind its comfortable sole. A PU meshed layer has been injected in the midsole. It provides nothing but long lasting comfort specially if you are walking a long trail at a stretch. If we walk for more than 3 hours on an abrupt terrain, the footbed or the innersole of the sandal gets flattened. The PU midsole functions like a comfortable resistance from getting it flattened.


We generally don’t see this precious feature in many sandals available in the market. Fortunately its lightweight EVA footbed with a soft microfiber lining provides ample support to our feet while giving maximum cushioning.

#Recepter Technology: Science and technology have penetrated everywhere and into the sandal making process too. It provides dynamic support against ground impact while walking through a rocky and abrupt surface. Tread pattern of the lining around the sandal immensely increases comfort even if we knock against a small rock!


Well, maximum branded hiking sandals offer optimum fit to our feet but when a pair of sandal offers excellent fit along with a few extra comfort factor then it becomes a feature for sure. Stretch fit material lining along the side easily makes the meshed cover stretched while providing the best fit.

Superior Grip and Traction

The main purpose of wearing a hiking sandal is to provide safety on the unknown surfaces. To maintain the first and foremost point of safety the sandal which we are to select must have superior grip and marvelous traction. Without these the sandal is worthless. Yucatan Outdoor hiking sandals features dual flex channel in the sole, it provides extra strength while pushing off. Apart from this, forefoot propulsion plate provides additional torque while phasing off through ascending or descending plain.

ECCO Sandal Sole

# For excellent traction it has been featured with a midfoot shank which allows having added stability during the midstance phase.
# 20 degree angle at the rear sole gives optimum landing support!

Points to Remember Before Purchasing

If you have arched feet then we recommend getting a bigger sandal size. If you wear sandal of size no 7 then get 8 while getting this sandal, you can adjust the straps easily. It gets stretched but doesn’t get widened after use that’s why we prefer buying a bigger size.

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