Teva W Sanborn Hiking Sandal Review

Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal Review

If statistics are taken into consideration, it can be seen that the number of women hikers are more than the number of men. It clearly depicts that women also love to participate in an adventure sports like hiking. The first and foremost need for a comfortable yet enjoyable hiking experience is to have a pair of hiking sandals for women. In this review, we are going to share the intricate details of Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal.
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USP- The USP of Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal is it’s easy to wear and water resistant capability. Yes. It’s true that this sandal has more water resistancy than any other hiking sandal for women.

Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal Review


Black Sandal

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Before availing any kind of hiking sandal, it is important for you to take a close look at the features of it. There can be a question in your mind as to why is it so important to check the features. The reason behind is that these features will help you to clear all kinds of confusion that had been created in your mind regarding which sandal to avail. It also helps you to check whether it is fulfilling your wishes or not.

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* It has a webbing on the top portion of it which is totally durable in nature.
* Even if it becomes wet, it dries up fairly quick as compared to the other brands.
* It can be worn on and off without any hassle. It is possible as it has a hook and loop closure. For this feature, you get the right fit too.


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* Whenever you wear it, you feel as if you are stepping on a cushion. It is just because of the presence of injected foam on the outsole.
* It does not have much weight.
* It can be worn in any kind of weather condition and any kind of terrain.
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* There is no warranty for this sandal.
* The straps may tear apart due to regular usage.
* The first look of the strap is absolutely weird which many women may not like.
* It is a bit sloppy in nature.
* It is not a formal sandal. If you are looking for a formal one, then, this should not be your choice.
* The straps can form a peak if quality product is not delivered to you.
[wpsm_testimonial] Verdict: Teva W Sanborn Sandal is for those women who like to flatter their feet in front of others. We recommend you to buy this hiking sandal for women as it is durable as well as comfortable than the other hiking sandals. You can also get various colors options from which you can choose your favorite one. You can never find such a hiking sandal which gives you warranty. Rather, we must mention that none of the brands give warranty for any of the product. It solely depends on the way you use it. Last but not the least, we suggest you to avail one and check to see if it is the right pair for you or not. [/wpsm_testimonial]

In any case, if you are looking for a pair of hiking sandal for your partner, then you can have a look at our Keen Newport H2 Hiking sandal review.

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