Teva Katavi Mens hiking sandals

Teva Katavi Men’s Hiking Sandal Review

Teva has been a popular icon in the outdoor industry. It has been manufacturing marvelous sandals and shoes for special purposes for a few decades. Teva’s Katavi Men’s sandal is perfect for any kind of “go hiking” adventures; to be precise it’s ideal for hiking on almost any kind of terrain.

Brown Sandal

We always thrive to provide the latest and accurate findings of hiking sandals, being a great brand on this domain and due to the fantastic acceptability by the users we gave Teva Katavi Men’s hiking sandal a try for seven days and now we are unveiling the secrets and true facts apart from the features enlisted everywhere.

Teva Katavi Men’s Hiking Sandal Review

Well, we generally wear a hiking sandal day long, so it should have some features which can protect our feet from abrupt nicks and buts on the surfaces we hike on and can protect from any kind of microbial infections as well.

Easy to wear:

Easily adjustable hook and loop straps provide quick wear up of the sandals.

#Nylon Shank is used in it for greater stability during hiking. It helps avoiding slip on wet surfaces. We guess everyone understand why it has been featured in it.

Antimicrobial Feature:

Microban Zinc® offers real protection from any kind of microbial attack. The molded EVA midsole provide optimum comfort (because it works as a cushion) while giving a peace of mind from any kind of infection. If we are planning for a weekend hike then it helps a lot because we use to wear the same shoe for long hours every day!

Odor Resistance & Air Permeability:

Many of us often avoid open toe sandal due to safety but if a sandal has safety coverage from toes then there’s no issue. This sandal features this specification and due to open end, it’s featured with an awesome option of great air permeability which ultimately offers odor resistance feature alongside and helps avoiding sweating inside!

Superior Traction:

Traction is another important feature that we always look for in a hiking sandal because safety is the prime concern after all. Traction helps in getting good grip on the surfaces we stand or walk. Duabrasion Rubber™ is the key element behind its fabulous traction!

Brown Sandal Sole

#Waffle pattern is there on the mid sole where our feet are placed on. It doesn’t suit everyone; if it irritates you then avoid buying this sandal, go for other options from the list of the best hiking sandals for men.

* Great traction
* Superior air permeability helps in odor resistance
* EVA midsole for optimum comfort
* Nylon shank for superb stability

* Near the arch it seems to be a bit narrow
* Repair cost is a bit high
[wpsm_testimonial] Verdict: Teva Katavi Men’s hiking sandal is hard to resist because of its true pricing and materials used in manufacturing! Apart from these great trendy design and technical factors made this an awesome sandal for blind purchasing! Rugged design and comfort give extra boost to the value addition of this sandal. Don’t forget to send us your opinion once you have purchased and used it.

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