Northside Women’s Bruke II Sandal review

Northside Women’s Bruke II Sandal Review

Hiking has been a popular weekend outdoor activity nowadays and more women are also getting interest in it day by day. We are not fortunate enough to get a moisture free area full of rocks where we don’t get slipped from anyway! In coastal areas and rainy areas we need to cover our feet with a pair of hiking sandals instead of boot because it’s comfortable and provides supports for walking long hours.

Unable to select a sandal for hiking is a common issue because we generally know less about sandals while we posses ideas about boots. Northside Women’s Bruke II sandal is specially designed for this type of challenges. Before picking up this, we want to pin some points, we better can say some features here for you so that you can have a look at the features before purchasing it.

Northside Women’s Bruke II Sandal Review

Water Resistant

Well, it’s official that the components of this sandal have been made with precision while keeping the weather of the river valleys, boating and hiking. That’s means the first feature that comes without any doubt is the water resistance material.

Superior Air Permeability

Though Northside Women’s Bruke II is a closed toe sandal that provides excellent safety from knocking toes against the rocks, the upper EVA that’s made of breathable light weight material makes the whole sandal ready for getting superior air permeability feature. So the inner sole doesn’t get slippery while sweating. It helps the inner footbed getting recovered from bad odor soon as well.

Specially Designed Sole

The sole of any hiking sandal is considered as the heart of the sandal as it provides traction against slippery surface. Any hiker shouldn’t compromise with the sole of the sandal. Northside Women’s Bruke II sandal has a specially designed sole which is multi directional and cushion brushed with shock absorbent as well. Superior arch support is another part of the sole that makes every reviewer talk about.

Northside Women’s Bruke II


  • Adjustable heel strap provides anytime tightening facility on the go even while walking.
  • Water resistant feature brings another great advantage with it. We can easily wash it after a heavy use in hiking. Isn’t it a cool one?
  • There are a wide range of colors to choose from. Select your favourite one


  • If you have flat feet then we recommend voiding it as provides less support for that and it may result severe heel pain!
  • Select the size your foot, don’t order a bigger one if you experience a bit tight while wearing. After a few days of use it will get adjusted and the EVA material gets expanded. Don’t end up with replacing for a larger size because for a first few days it will look cool but as the EVA starts expanding it become wider than your feet. [/wpsm_cons][/wpsm_column]

[wpsm_testimonial] Verdict: The version II of this sandal has added some specific features like adjustable strap etc after listening to the users and now it’s one of the first choices of hiking sandals for all the women hikers. Share your experience of wearing this sandal with us and we will add all the verified inputs in our Northside Women’s Bruke II sandal review.

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