KEEN Women's Venice hiking sandals review
KEEN Hiking Sandals

Keen Women’s Venice Sandal Review

KEEN Women’s Venice Hiking Sandal Review: You may be visiting different places in the form of river/stream, beach, or market, but your sandal remains the same, only if it is Keen women’s Venice sandal. Yes, an adaptive sandal that is meant for different terrains and surroundings lets your feet breathe easily due to broad cutouts. Yes, an ideal way to create an electrifying journey is to do all sorts of craziness, fun, frolic, and experience adrenalin rush. Yes, be it tricky terrain, rocky beaches or simply enjoying a sunset view in the backyard of your house. So it can be easily used as a hiking sandal as well though it’s an all-rounder!

The USP of Keen women’s Venice sandal is its comfort, lightweight and rugged nature which helps you to use it in different types of surroundings.

Let’s now look at the features to clear doubts by knowing exactly what you are going to purchase as they are the only mechanism for you to decide. Read them carefully.

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Features of Keen Women’s Venice Sandal

Features that Confirm Durability

  • Keen patented toe protection rolls over the outsoles up to the toes for sincere and worthy protection which you dearly need.
  • Metatomical footbed design:- Feet has natural contours which only a consumer-friendly footwear company can better take care of. Its Metatomical footbed design offers mind-blowing arch support so that the need of the feet curves are best addressed. The comfort of feet is maintained due to the result of excellent engineering according to the natural curves of the foot.
  • The sandals are rugged, lightweight, and ventilated for those adventurous moments while you hike or do river rafting or indulge yourself in other similar activities.
  • The promise of better grip amongst different challenging and hostile conditions be it either rocky or slippery surfaces
    is attained due to sole having multi-directional lugs.
  • The sandals can be easily washed by machine with a little amount of detergent and then air-dried
  • It gives you the requisite fit and also saves you from the shocks arising out of bumpy roads, uneven paths, or sudden jerks thanks to its added comfort which only makes you walk with more confidence.


  • Sophisticated leather and polyester made straps to create an antibacterial lining for controlling odor in a natural manner
  • Rubber top cap protects from accidental bumps as well as against stubbing
  • The stretch cord attached through loops and automatically clamps 
  • Rubber soles are devoid of any marking
  • Shockproof sole increases your comfort.
  • Increased level of comfort is best achieved with contoured EVA footbed
  • Carbon Rubber outsoles are used and they have lug for better grip against surfaces that are prone to slips
  • Midsoles have EVA and ESS for absorbing shock and are very light for overall support


  • You may find uneasy while stepping for the first time with few minutes of walks but quite soon it breaks in

Verdict: Keen women’s Venice sandals are for women who don’t want to take a chance with their feet, hence their body. In fact, women love to pamper themselves without compromising on their enjoyment aspect. It offers a one-year manufacturing and material guarantee and there are different colors to choose from.

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