KEEN Women's Rose Hiking Sandal Review
KEEN Hiking Sandals

Keen Women’s Rose Hiking Sandal Review

If you want to experience an adventure by exploring different places, sight-seeing without causing blisters, bruises, smelly feet, then Keen women’s rose sandals are for you.

Its multi-directional lug for a greater degree of stability and control irrespective of the terrain you step in. A women-centric sandal, it offers a complete solution for you, without compromising on style. An adventurous activity usually entails a carefree and relaxing phase and that can be achieved with keen women’s rose hiking sandal. Yes, whether you do hiking on rocky mountains or moving on the river banks, or simply strolling in morning or evening time.

The USP of Keen Women’s Rose Hiking Sandals is TPU shanks which are used to ensure a greater level of stability, strength along elasticity. The sandal gains a much greater level of flexibility while bending the shoes, especially that of the toe area. It is quite light-weight

Features of Keen Women’s Rose Hiking Sandal

Features that you can’t resist:

  • Ordinary sandals are prone to smell more so, in warm weather but Cleansport NXT has the ability to control it, thus making you comfortable for long hours. Similarly, your odor-free feet save you from embarrassing situations especially, while surrounded by others in an indoor environment.  If you ever feel like washing away the dirt which often gets accumulated, then you can use a washing machine.
  • Toe cap for additional protection to the toes, perfect way to give enhanced safety mechanism while you are on the move
  • Arch needs support where footbed helps it to maintain that. It equally gives a great degree of shape to the natural curves of the feet and the end result is that you feel relaxed for longer hours with this sandal.
  • The engineering safety standards with Aegis Microbe Shield ensure that your toe gets a cover due to accidental falls from toys etc when children are near you.
  • The sandal’s top is made from hydrophobic mesh lining which entails that your sandal is safe from water. Such a level of safety mechanism best adheres especially when you accidentally get drenched due to rain or step in the puddle.
  • The hydrophobic mesh lining keeps your skin dry from moisture, and dry skin doesn’t emit odor, so you ensure odor-free feet for long hours of duration.

Black Sandal


  • Enough airspace for feet to breathe
  • Experience lighter moments by wearing the sandal
  • A greater level of safety ensured with toe cap
  • It has a hook and loop closure which you can adjust as per your need. It proves to be an easy mechanism to gain appropriate sandal fit in an easy manner
  • Hook and loop closure (adjustable)
  • Cleansport NXT™ ensures odorless feet


  • Not meant for women with high arches
  • The ankle strap isn’t completely adjustable
  • Not enough width at the sandal top for women with slightly large width leg

Verdict: Keen women’s rose sandal is for women who look for the best value of their money. Although, there have been few cons about it that it doesn’t have an adjustable ankle strap or has narrow width in front, yet overall many are comfortable wearing it and have positive things to say about it.

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