Keen Newport Sandal review
KEEN Hiking Sandals

Keen Newport Hiking Sandal Review

The hikers, all over the world, especially men, are always in search of such a hiking sandal which serves all the purposes of hiking. Hiking is such an adventure sport which requires comfortable sandals in order to enjoy it. The Keen Newport hiking sandal for men is one such thing which is wanted by every hiker.


The USP of this Keen Newport Hiking Sandal is that it serves best for bungee jumping. It provides a bouncy effect to your feet which makes you jump in natural way.

Keen Newport Hiking Sandal Features

After providing a detailed introduction of this hiking sandal, it’s time to let you know the exciting features of it. These features are so attractive that you would immediately avail a pair for yourself just after taking a glance of it. Take a look.


  • You will feel comfortable while hiking after wearing these sandals.
  • The quality is superb. You need not worry about it.
  • It provides a perfect fit to your feet.
  • It serves the best for hiking in water. It is resistant to water.
  • Even if it becomes dirty, you can easily wash it and it will dry up quickly as compared to others.


  • The price of this sandal is a bit on the higher side.

Verdict: Being a passionate hiker, it is evident that you are searching for the best hiking sandals for men. We understand how much hectic it is for you check and each and every sandal and then take a firm decision. In order to lessen this tiring task, we recommend you to avail Keen Newport sandal for once. If you are ready to buy the Keen Newport sandal, then, we want to recommend that you buy the black one as it would look nice and it won’t get dirty often. We hope that it serves the best for the purpose you are buying it. We wish you all the best for your search for the best hiking sandal.

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