Hiking Sandals vs Hiking Boots
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Hiking Sandals vs Hiking Boots – A comparative study

Has our decision to choose either ‘hiking sandals’ or ‘hiking boots’ been influenced by others? If yes, then only we are to be blamed as we should decide on the basis of the following factors:-

Hiking Sandals Vs Hiking Boots

Comparison with regards to type of path

We should know the path for hiking. If the track is well maintained without rocky surfaces or scrambles, then a sandal will do the justice. Otherwise, you know it better that safety comes first where your subsequent steps should be well protected by boots as sharp and obvious hurdles are coming your way.

Comparison with regards to comfort level

Hiking sandals are comparably lighter and comfortable for a trekker. Hence, there is nothing better and greater than enjoying the lightness. Since, it offers a welcome respite especially in the challenging phase where we are already exhausted to the core due to perspiration and exertion. Therefore, if we are hiking for few hours and the surface isn’t rocky, then hiking sandals offer the best option.

Comparison with regards to weight

Have we heard the old saying that “a pound on the feet is like five on the hips”. Well, this saying holds a slot of significance especially when you should feel the lightest during such times. Yes, it is true that the difference in weight between a hiking sandal and hiking boot is immense which gives you an impetus to run faster, put more exertion especially while you are hiking. It feels so light after all in the presence of a sandal.

Comparison with regards to Breathing

It is no rocket science to understand that during perspiration, each and every single body pour wants to breathe fresh. The same goes for your foot which always wants to be free and breathe good. If it is summers, then the desperation at which we want to simply be free from clothes literally drives us crazy. Indeed so, and a sandal helps you attain that phase where it literally feels a luxury of sorts.

Comparison with regards to Distance

You need to ask yourself “How long would you be hiking?” Well, it also depends on the hours of journey you will undergo. So, long hours of hiking basically implies that you will be hiking further up, and as you do so, then the tracks gets dustier. Yes, then it clearly would be fine to switch to hiking boots, as you don’t want to take chances. Let’s say for a distance of 1 mile, you can easily cover with a hiking sandal, but anything beyond that, invites a change of footwear

Final thoughts

Your right decision at the right time does wonders. Your safety is of paramount importance where you can enjoy life only, if you are fit and fine. Yes, if you are free of sprain and injuries. So be very safe and dutiful in your trekking journey and make the best decision favoring you. While in the process, you don’t want to miss fun, adventure and a sense of togetherness (with a group) which life offers.
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