hiking sandals for day hikers
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How To Choose Hiking Sandals For Backpackers For Day Hikes

Backpacking isn’t just the essentials for enjoying a seemingly thrilling and adventurous outdoor experience. It can literally be called as the backpack of care, love and happiness and we always pick some things like liquid filled bottle for hydration, compass, watch, torch, satellite communication device, sweat shirt, and a pair of shoe with care.

So, how to attain the same?

Well, it can be attained while being extra cautious and careful regarding the aspects of how well you take care of yourself while undergoing expedition journey.

So, before you start with your first backpacking for a day hike, you should know why carrying a hiking sandal is better than a boot specially during summer.

hiking sandals for day hikers

Choosing Hiking Sandals For Backpackers- Why? Explained


Destinations which are close to your home are preferable. Similarly, you should opt for hiking for a shorter duration of time. You need to have your essentials with you where hiking sandal is a must for your trip

Do you wish to attain an enjoyable experience of hiking?

The reply would be an obvious YES. Likewise, you also need to say “YES” to comfortable, durable and flexible hiking sandals which have become quite a delight and perfect choice for hikers.

There are following queries which you need to ask yourself before you head for hiking.

Which will be better for me – Open toe or closed toe?

Generally, if you hike on trails which are surrounded with rocks etc, then you need to consider closed toe. It is also safer to have that, if you get injuries too often and you feel that you need more support.

Why should I be concerned with regards to the fitting of hiking sandals for backpackers?

See, during your hiking journey, if your foot tends to swell, then you need to be attentive that your sandal should have extra room to accommodate the space. Similarly, if you wear socks on few occasions, then also take this factor into consideration for an effective implementation. Since, you need to have the space for your sock to be accommodated. Because, you don’t want your sandal to be too tight otherwise it affects your journey towards such a beautiful expedition

What about the sole?

If you don’t want to feel pebbles or stones while moving with your hiking sandal, then make sure that the sole should be thick enough. Yes, you shouldn’t feel or experience any discomfort while stepping on it, and that wouldn’t happen, if the sole is actually thick.

How often do you plan to take your journey?

If you undertake your journey quite often, then it is better to opt for rubber soles and synthetic uppers as drying them are quick easy.

Obviously, you need the best arch support to give your foot, the convenience and luxury which makes you comfortable.

Final thoughts

Your foot is your lifeline. So make efforts to safeguard and protect anytime and every time. After all, even a slight sprain or swelling literally makes the normal routine in turmoil. So be safe than sorry later on. Don’t think that an ordinary pair of sandals will do what a hiking sandal can do. Differences between hiking sandals and ordinary sandals is huge interms of built, design. quality etc. So, next time you know that you are going to have a richer experience of outdoors. Since, there is no stopping for you to experience thrill, adventure and spine chilling moments right when you want to attain that, away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

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