Grition Hiking Sandal

Grition Hiking Sandal Review

This pair of hiking sandals provides peace of mind from every critical nook and corner of a hiker turned smart buyer. Traction, comfort, and safety all are wrapped up in this sandal and that too within a budget price! Grition never ditches any hiker. If you have not that much time to sit and research on sandals to wear on your next hiking then just close the eyes and grab this pair.

Grition Hiking Sandal Review

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Design: Looks matter! Grition looks like a perfect cross between a shoe and a sandal, at least at the first glance. Sole, coverage and the front portion resembles a shoe while all the other aspects resemble a sandal.
Built: Flexible rubber outsole provides ample stability on almost any kind of surface with proper frictional force while the inner footbed made of phylon exerts further support for long walking.
Soft mesh body helps in quick drying if we face any sudden splash of water. Mesh doesn’t hold water and three plus three total six air vents from both sides expose the sandal to maximum air flow. The upper portion which is made of quality mesh material also allows maximum air permeability.
Built quality of this pair is damn good. The durability of stitches and pasting of the sole are pretty awesome that you can easily take it with you on several upcoming rigorous hiking trips and outdoor adventures. It will never disappoint you.
Stability: For better stability, it sports a loop at the frontal nose side and a strap at back attached with a hook. It helps in safety also as the hook doesn’t let the straps get slipped. At the other end, the toe cap protects the toes against sudden bumps along the ridges.
Size alert: Selecting the proper size can be a critical factor while purchasing the Grition hiking sandal. We recommend buying a size larger than the normal. Surprisingly, the company also suggests the same! We always recommend checking the size chart carefully.

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  • First of all the design is fabulous.
  • Covers all safety aspects through the design.
  • Durable yet comfortable.


  • Always follow the size rule we have mentioned above before ordering. The sizes are a little bit confusing.

Verdict: A budget hiking sandal yet very objective-oriented. All the points of the design were perfectly implemented only to meet the basic CSD (comfort, safety, and durability) and this makes the Grition pair highly recommendable for beginners.

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