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Best Hiking Sandals For Men [Updated 2020]

Hiking is such an adventure sport which is loved by all kinds of people especially men. Some of them opine that hiking is in their blood. These men have a passion to wear such best hiking sandals for men which can accelerate their passion and give them comfort as well.
While speaking about the best hiking sandal for men, we have found that it is really tough as well as hectic for you to find the best budget sandals for men as there are a lot of options available in the market. Well, it’s high time that you relax in an easy chair while we do the research for the top sandals for hiking.
After an extensive market research, we have found the following hiking sandals especially for men. We request you just scroll through the following.

Best Hiking Sandals For Men

1. Teva Omnium M2 Sandals (Rough & Tough)

Amongst the budget sandals, Teva Omnium takes the first position on the list. It is a must in your checklist while choosing the best hiking sandals for men. We can assure you that without this hiking sandal, your adventure will be incomplete if you are going to a rough terrain!

Brown Hiking Sandal

  • It is an easy to wear hiking sandal.
  • It is built to provide optimum performance to such an exciting adventure sport.
  • It has an easy to close front buckle closure which is easy to release as well. This is done to provide stability to your feet while you stroll through the terrains.
  • There is a bungee strap near the heel which provides the perfect fit for your feet.
  • You must check the above parameters before availing of it.
  • It can last in any kind of weather condition.


  • We have a doubt whether this hiking sandal for men will be providing comfort to you or not.

Verdict: In order to perform well and to have an extensive hiking experience, it is recommended to you to avail it for once and try it out.

2. Merrell All Out Blaze (Splash Proof)

It is said that when Merrell All Out Blaze was first launched in the market, there was no other brand that could have completed with it. Can you just imagine the popularity factor of it?
Well, it’s time to give some details about this hiking sandal. The first feature of this sandal is that it is hybrid in nature. Its price is reasonable at par with the market. It aims to provide a tough competition to its fellow competitors. Some of you might have an issue with hybrid sandals. In this case, we would like to say that such hybrid sandals are the one which aims to provide comfort and flexibility to your feet. They are strongly built.

Brown Hiking Sandal


  • You can never find a stronger grip than Merrell.
  • Its comforting factor is an outstanding one.
  • It covers the feet wholly thus preventing your feet to get tanned.
  • It is best for walking over slippery surfaces.


  • The toe space is a bit wider than the other brands which might bring in some kind of discomfort while hiking.

Verdict: It is extremely famous for its grip, comfort, and flexibility. The fitness of it depends on the choice of size.

3. Teva Hurricane XLT

There are many men in this world who crave classical hiking sandals. Are you one of them? If yes, then, this is the best hiking sandal for men.
The design of this sandal is classic. At the first look at it, you will have a feeling that it is the one which you have been searching for for so long. The straps are absolutely customizable in nature in order to provide comfort to your feet. The soft sole provides a perfect fit. As a hiker, it is evident that you won’t be on flat or plain terrains. You will have to walk over muddy surfaces and rugged surfaces too. This hiking sandal is the perfect choice for you.

Black Sandal


  • It aims to provide maximum traction on the slippery surfaces and the Rocky surfaces as well.
  • The customizable straps help in providing the adjustability factor to your feet while you are wandering through different kinds of surfaces.
  • It is resistant to mud as well as water.
  • It is a lightweight hiking sandal for men.
  • It is also known for its outstanding durability.


  • The straps might get loosened after severe hiking sessions. You might need to repair it whenever it happens.

Verdict: It is a perfect sandal that aims in providing all around features to the person who wears it.

4. Chaco Z1 Classic

Black Sandal Sole


  • It has straps on all sides to provide comfort and it is adjustable too.
  • The webbing straps are made up of polyester which is obviously resistant to water. A customized fit is also a benefit of it.
  • The buckle at the ankle has an injection-molded ladder with a lot so that it never opens on any surface whatsoever.
  • The footbed as well as the midsole is made of polyurethane which is not our resistant to water but also antimicrobial in nature.
  • The outsole is made up of rubber to provide the bouncy effect as well as save you from getting a fall.


  • After extensive usage, you might find that there is a crack in the sole which needs immediate repair.
  • We have a doubt about the warranty of it.
  • Check the size chart before you avail one.

Verdict: It is a branded hiking sandal which has got a special mention in the list of best-hiking sandals for men. It is recommended by most hikers from various parts of the world.

5. Croc’s Men Swiftwater Sandal

Not only women, but men also love to wear flip flops. Isn’t it? Yes. Right? Now, will you be amazed if we say that we have got a hiking sandal for men which has the style of flip flops? Some might give a positive nod and some negative nod.

Black Hiking Sandal
Let’s clear all the confusion. The Croc’s Men Sandal is one of the best budget hiking sandals for men which is an attraction for flip flop lovers. When you take the first look at it, you will feel that it is a flip flop. We feel proud to mention that it provides the comfort of a flip flop. But it is a hiking sandal. Isn’t it amazing to know? The main feature of this sandal is that the inner lining is softly knot and soft nylon is used near the toe. The midsole is made up of rubber to provide an excellent grip. The webbing is made of plastic and there is an acetal ladder lock which is present just behind the ankle.


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It can be worn in any kind of weather condition.


  • There is no warranty on the straps. It might become a little loose if it is used extensively.

Verdict: If you are looking to buy a flip flop styled hiking sandal for men, then, it is the best choice you can ever make.

6. Keen Uneek

As the name suggests, it is one of the most unique hiking sandals under $100 for men. It is one of the easiest to wear hiking sandals for men you can ever find in the market. You won’t experience the freedom of walking without any hassle if you haven’t seeped through these hiking sandals for men.

Traditional Hiking Sandal


  • It has the most innovative designs as compared to other hiking sandals.
  • The upper portion has two cords which are braided with polyester and nylon lining as well.
  • The nylon present in it helps in providing the strength as well as longevity to this hiking sandal for men.
  • The two cord feature helps in providing freedom of movement.
  • There is a lining of microfiber which is said to provide an excellent grip to your feet.


  • There is no warranty on the soles.
  • It is not for long hours of hiking.

Verdict: If you are looking for a stylish yet durable hiking sandal for men, then, it is the right choice for you.

7. Keen Arroyo II

This hiking sandal for men is one of a kind. We bet that you can never find such an impressive pair of hiking sandals for men in the market to date. The design will make you feel that it is a hybrid one. It can withstand any kind of weather condition and surface as well.

Brown Hiking Sandal


  • It has a closed design that resembles a shoe.
  • It has vents that allow the passage of air while you hike through various kinds of terrains.
  • The hybrid design is made as such that it provides an ample amount of support to your feet while you are in extensive hiking.
  • The lace has an excellent fastening system which makes you feel relaxed from the tension of losing your sandal.
  • The rugged looks help in providing support as well as comfort while hiking.


  • The toe cap is made up of rubber which might get cracked after regular usage. An adhesive can solve the problem.

Verdict: It is the best choice for those who go hiking on a regular basis

8. Chaco Z2 Unaweep

The brand Chaco speaks a lot about the durability of these budget hiking sandals for men. It is one of the famous brands when it comes to hiking sandals for men. It has a wrap-around design which helps in providing a custom fit to your feet. It has a sporty design which makes it a must-buy for the hikers present over the world.

Yellow Purple Sandal


  • It has a biocentric footbed which helps in adjusting your feet in accordance with the surface of the terrains you are hiking through.
  • It has a very casual look which attracts most of its buyers.
  • If it gets wet, it dries off fairly quickly as compared to other hiking sandals for men.
  • The buckle fastening is absolutely adjustable in nature.


  • The straps might become loosened or cracks can even be seen after using it for months or so.

Verdict: It is a branded hiking sandal for men which is absolutely reasonable as far as price is concerned.

10. Keen Newport H2

If you are in search of functional hiking sandals for men, then, your search ends when you take a look at Keen Newport H2. It is created with high-quality features with comfort and support as the primary Ingredients.

Black Hiking Sandal


  • It has an anatomically designed footbed that keeps your feet in place.
  • The insole is absolutely removable in nature. You can change it whenever you wish to do so.
  • The leather lining has small vents so that the air can pass through in a proper way.
  • It can be washed in a machine.


  • There is no such warranty of the sole especially the outer one[/wpsm_cons][/wpsm_column]

Verdict: It is one of the best budget hiking sandals for men which can be availed very easily.

11. Teva Terra Fi 4

It is a water-resistant as well as multifunctional hiking sandal for men. It is of great use for those who have narrow feet.

Brown Sandal


  • It does not have a bulky look yet you can depend on it.
  • It is best for water hiking.
  • It has excellent as well as adjustable fastening features which help in providing a strong grip.
  • The antimicrobial layer helps in the prevention of the formation of bacteria.


  • It might not dry out quickly as compared to others.

Verdict: It is a best hiking sandal for men who go for an extensive hiking.

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