How To Choose Hiking Sandals For Backpackers For Day Hikes

hiking sandals for day hikers

Backpacking isn’t just the essentials for enjoying a seemingly thrilling and adventurous outdoor experience. It can literally be called as the backpack of care, love and happiness and we always pick some things like liquid filled bottle for hydration, compass, watch, torch, satellite communication device, sweat shirt, and a pair of shoe with care. So, … Read more

Northside Women’s Bruke II Sandal Review

Northside Women’s Bruke II Sandal review

Hiking has been a popular weekend outdoor activity nowadays and more women are also getting interest in it day by day. We are not fortunate enough to get a moisture free area full of rocks where we don’t get slipped from anyway! In coastal areas and rainy areas we need to cover our feet with … Read more

Hiking Sandals Vs Sandals for Outdoor Activities

Hiking Sandals vs Ordinary Sandals

There are different kinds of outdoor activities, few can be regarded as lightweight while others can be certainly challenging and hiking is one of them. Outdoor activities in the form of hunting, fishing, horseback riding or backpacking etc are comparably very light and don’t require you to be very particular with specific sandals. On the other hand, … Read more

Why a hiking sandal is necessary for trailblazers

Why hiking sandals are necessary

“Can exercise be fun?” Yes, if it is a hiking expedition. No doubt, hiking over the years has evolved to be an enjoyable exercise which has systematically got its recognition world over. Since, this adventurous sport is often run by fun-loving community of likeminded people. Quite like the Trailblazers, which takes fitness very seriously and … Read more

Teva Katavi Men’s Hiking Sandal Review

Teva Katavi Mens hiking sandals

Teva has been a popular icon in the outdoor industry. It has been manufacturing marvelous sandals and shoes for special purposes for a few decades. Teva’s Katavi Men’s sandal is perfect for any kind of “go hiking” adventures; to be precise it’s ideal for hiking on almost any kind of terrain. We always thrive to … Read more

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal Review

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandals

Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal Review: Yucatan is a sub-brand of ECCO and this brand is famous for its outstanding range of sandals that are usually made for almost all types of outdoor activities. Though it manufactures sandals for men and women both, its sandals for women are widely popular. Yucatan outdoor off-road hiking sandal is … Read more